Your SLP doesn't need a lab coat

There is a notion that therapists who work in hospitals are more qualified than therapists who work in Early Intervention, schools, or homes. This is nonsense.

The worth of a therapist is not determined by where she works. The worth of a therapist is determined by her knowledge, skills, demeanor and experience. The best therapist is someone you trust and can talk candidly with as you travel the road to communication success together.

In our society, a doctor is more prestigious (and presumably more knowledgeable) than a teacher. Extending that concept, one might think that people who work with doctors are more qualified than people who work with teachers. This is wrong.

Regardless of where we work, all certified speech-language pathologists have similar educational backgrounds. We have Master’s degrees. We have completed a clinical fellowship year. We are required to complete hours of professional development to maintain our certification. Some of us develop areas of expertise and interest.

Frankly, there is significant research to suggest that for young children - speech therapy in familiar surroundings with parent collaboration is more successful that speech therapy in a sterile, clinical, medical environment. Speech therapy is enhanced when the child is as comfortable and secure as possible. Speech develops in an atmosphere of playful delight.

Find the therapist that you think can inspire your child and collaborate with the whole family. You might find a great speech-language pathologist at your local hospital. You might find her through your early intervention system or school district. You might find her in private practice or at a community clinic. She is out there.