What's RIGHT with your child?

When a child struggles to communicate, we tend to focus on the problem. What’s wrong with the child? What’s the child’s diagnosis? What services or supports does the child need? While it is important to accurately diagnose and treat children with communication challenges, it is equally essential to expend enthusiastic energy exploring the child’s gifts and talents.


What benefits, privileges and advantages does your child possess? For one, you are spending time reading this and that means that you care. A lot. You will make sure that you child get what is needed. You are your child’s blessing. At the risk of sounding like a ‘Pollyanna’, your child has talents and gifts as well as challenges.

Every child has strengths. When we engage with a child, delighting in those strengths makes the interaction a more positive and meaningful one for everyone. Every child understands this and wants to rise to the occasion. Take at least as much time to focus on what’s right with your child as you do on what is wrong. What does your child do well? What brings your child joy? What is your child curious about? What makes your heart swell? Make sure your child has opportunities to be successful.

Therapy, school and doctors’ appointments should enhance you and your child’s lives, not be your lives. Take time to celebrate your child and find joy in the journey.