Stretching Your Therapy Dollar

What can you do if your child's communication skills need extra help to develop? While you can usually get a referral from your doctor or school to a speech language pathologist - who will pay for these services?


Health insurance?

Fewer and fewer policies are covering speech pathology services for young children with slow communication development.

Health savings plan?
If you are lucky enough to have an HSP, you may be able to put additional money aside for next year but have probably not anticipated this significant expense for the current year.

School or early intervention program?
 While usually no-cost or low-cost to the family, these programs are provided through the state/federal government. They often have strict rules/regulations that may not be suited to your child. You usually cannot choose your speech therapist.

A rich relative?
 Traditional speech therapy can cost thousands of dollars a year.

You should have access to a speech-language pathologist that is effective and efficient; one who is concerned about your financial considerations in order to best serve your child.

When Kim takes on a client, she commits to working with that family to treat the child without bankrupting the family. How does she do this? Well, with use a multi-faceted approach.

  • While you can use your medical benefits for covered services, Kim does not bill medical insurance directly anymore. The overhead costs for billing insurance is saved and those savings can be passed on to the family. She provides documentation for families to file the claims themselves.
  • Kim is a provider through local early intervention programs such as ChildLink and ELWYN in Philadelphia county. If your child is eligible for these programs, she can assist you in accessing services through these programs.

Together we can use service models that are cost effective and work for your child. Sometimes, we can develop home programs with close communication to reduce frequency of therapy. Sometimes, we can use video conferencing to minimize costs. Sometimes, we can use a consultative model or block scheduling model to spur rapid improvements. All of these creative solutions would be considered without sacrificing the progress of your child.

Please don't put off speech therapy needed for your child because you are worried about the long range costs. There are options and we can talk about what is available for you and your child.