Back to School Snapshot

As a new school year starts, you might consider providing a concise snapshot for your child's teachers. Teachers are crazy busy at the beginning of the year planning for all of their students and may not have time to read lengthy reports.


A one page "snapshot" is really helpful. This snapshot format can also be helpful for babysitters, grandparents, church teachers and bus drivers.

Give an accurate representation of your wonderful child.

Words to Describe - As a rule of thumb, use 2 positive adjectives and 1 less positive adjective

Picture or Video - Consider a SHORT (under 60 seconds) video link or picture that captures the essence of your child. 

Motivators - What motivators will the teachers have quick access to provide? What intense interests has your child shown?

Strengths - Provide a few of your child's qualities that the teachers can appreciate in the school environment.

Challenges - What may pose a challenge to your child at the beginning of the school year?

Strategies - Do you have any ideas to share with the teachers about ways to set up your child for success.

Caveats! Please remember that children are different with different people. Trust your teachers to get to know and understand your child in this new environment. Sometimes we have a tendency to worry about transitions that the child is ready to handle.

Here are some templates for your use as we get back to school!