Club TalkMore

Club TalkMore is weekly group therapy for children 4-7 year olds to share, play, engage and connect with each other - establishing lasting friendships because of mutual interests. Because of the facilitation strategies, Club TalkMore is especially helpful for children who struggle to make friends independently in other settings.

What is the benefit of group therapy?
Club TalkMore uses delight, partner play, group activities and collaborative projects to develop social communication skills Groupings are based on numerous factors, including age, experience, and skill levels. We want to make sure your child is appropriately challenged and supported by their group.

What are the fundemental skills necessary for Club TalkMore?
For a child to benefit from this group therapy, s/he should have an awareness of and interest in other people and functional symbolic communication.

How is my child's group determined?
We gather information about the child prior to grouping with 1-5 other children. Through review of (1) a short video clip of the child in a typical social setting, (2) a current speech and language evaluation or IEP and/or (3) an individual dynamic evaluative session, we will determine how best to group children. We are looking at the levels of social language and interaction skills in the areas of:

  • Imitation Skills (motor, verbal, mirroring, etc.)
  • Play Development (solo, parallel, intersecting, cooperative, etc.)
  • Pragmatic Language Functions (use of language for interactions)
  • Mis-communication Repair Strategies
  • Theory of Mind (The ability to attribute mental states — beliefs, intents, desires, pretending, knowledge, etc. — to oneself and others and to understand that others have beliefs, desires, intentions, and perspectives that are different from one's own.)

How do I know what goals and objectives my child will be learning? 
Following the first encounter (individual evaluative session or group session,) a treatment plan will be provided for each child, listing the recommended social communication goals and objectives.

What skills will my child be learning in Club TalkMore?
We focus on the social communication and joint engagement skills necessary to build mutually satisfying friendships with other children. 

Will I be updated about my child's progress?
Individualized progress reports addressing each child's progress toward identified goals and objectives will be provided periodically. When all goals and objectives have been met, new ones will be established, if necessary.

Will I be refunded if I miss a prepaid session?
Sessions are intended to build relationships so a child will benefit from consistent attendance. However, if you choose to discontinue sessions, please provide at least two week's notice so that we can process the change with the children.

If your child will not be attending a session, please call or text 267-324-8300 so we won't worry. Please understand that we are not able to make up sessions missed by individual group members and cannot pro-rate or credit tuition for missed sessions.

What is the cost?
Each 1 hour session is $60 with discounts provided for prepayment and/or group packages. Prepayments will be refunded, minus a $40 processing fee, should you choose to discontinue prior to the sessions beginning. Payment for sessions can be made online. 

10 weeks  - $60 per session -or- $500 with prepayment discount

What funding sources are available?
Kim Singleton is a contracted provider for ELWYN SEEDS. ELWYN SEEDS provides early intervention services to children in Philadelphia county. If an eligible child's team has included social communication or interaction goals on the child's IEP and the team feels that this type of group therapy would be an appropriate service to address the goal, ELWYN SEEDS is a potential funding source. Your school district may also be a possible funding source, depending on a variety of factors.
Will my insurance cover the cost of group therapy? 
We recommend contacting your insurance provider regarding eligibility, authorizations, and claims for group speech and language therapy. Billing sheets can be provided for patient-generated insurance reimbursement claims upon request. 

Where is Club TalkMore held?
Club TalkMore is held at Walnut Lane Kids - a comfortable, child-centered, shared space in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Located at 143 W. Walnut Lane, Suite 205, Philadelphia, PA 19144. Map & Directions

When will groups be meeting?
Groups will be late afternoon or early evening and scheduled after the group is established.

Where do I sign up?
Fill out the short group registration form and we will contact you soon.

Download Club TalkMore PDF Flyer