CASANA 2015 Here We Come

Also known as "Jami and Kim go to Texas." Jami Slotnick is an extraordinary parent and partner for our upcoming presentation at the  2015 National Conference of Childhood Apraxia of Speech CASANA in San Antonio, TX. Jami and Kim will be presenting:

“Appily” Ever After: Identifying the Right Apps Isn’t Just a Fairy Tale

With well over a million apps created for desktops, smartphones and tablets, and more being added each day, how do you know which ones are ‘the best’ to use in your practice or with your child? Do you need to lean on specific speech development apps? What about those ‘popular’ apps? In an ever changing landscape with a constant barrage of information, we will strategize how to stay on top of it all? While more research is needed to fully assess the impact of new personal technology on student learning, we will discuss ways in which a multimedia approach to ‘teaching talking’ can have a profound positive impact for children with CAS. This open "geek talk" will invite robust audience participation.