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Speech Therapy during Quarantine

Does your child receive speech therapy? Has it been suspended because of the need for social distancing? Have you considered remote video-based services?

Video-based speech-language services can assist if you are facing an extended suspension of in-person speech therapy.

Video-based speech therapy is possible if you have a computer with a webcam and microphone. Headphones are a good idea but not always necessary.

We use a secure, simple telemedicine platform.

Successful video-based sessions should:

  • often be brief (15-30 minutes) – This maintains the novelty and holds the child’s interest.
  • engaging and fun for the child – We all learn best when we are motivated.
  • target individual goals – A copy of the most recent evaluation is helpful.
  • provide motivating practice ideas – Carryover is important for learning.

If you are interested in short term video-based speech therapy in Pennsylvania, please schedule a free phone consultation.

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